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20+ Years of Rock Solid Service

Real Estate & Real Estate Financing have been an important part of my life for most of my life. I have experienced and worked through all types of market conditons.

Real Estate can be a significant part of peoples lives. Avoiding mistakes and making smart choices can have a big impact both personally and financially.

My Career began in Baltimore, Md. , rehabbing & flipping inner-city homes. This taught me the game. I learned how important knowing the rules, having a smart strategy and really understanding financing are.
I made a commitment - to teach and provide the best real estate and real estate financing services possible ....
both rooted in a consultative and educational approach.

For the last 21 years I have worked as a California Real Estate and Mortgage Broker, living in both Sonoma County and North San Diego County.
Creating smart real estate strategies, coupled with good Mortgage planning is one of my specialities - including arranging all types of financing.

What I have learned however, after all this time - Is that this is about you! It is my job to truly understand you .. your needs, goals, & dreams. My job is to serve you!

Get a hold of me. Let's talk about it.

I'll bring the creativity, ideas and solutions that only experience can bring.